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Canine itchy anal area

Itching is pretty common to dogs. But why does rectal itching in dogs happen? This can mean your dog is experiencing some anal complications and may worsen if not treated immediately. Rectal itching gets alarming if you notice that it keeps on reoccurring and is happening for a long period of time already. It's best that you begin to identify the possible causes of this because it can't be left untreated.
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6 Natural Ways to Ease Your Dog’s Anal Sac Distress

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Natural Remedies for Itchy Bums in Dogs

Regardless of the words used to describe it, we are talking about dogs rubbing their back ends along the ground and or persistently licking and biting around their anus and tail base area. Some will itch their sides, or seem uncomfortable when defecating. Owners will often observe the skin around the anus and tail base looking moist and red, and there may also be hair missing. Sometimes there can be fishy odour and occasionally a swelling next to the anus and leakage of foul fishy smelling fluid.
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Rectal Itching in Dogs

When a dog's anal sacs are irritated or infected, blood flow to the area increases. The anal area becomes hot, swollen, and painful. This inflammation causes the tiny ducts that empty the anal sacs to swell shut. With the ducts swollen shut, the material within the sac dries out and hardens, first into a paste, then into a hard, gritty material.
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Dogs do a lot of weird things, but perhaps one of the strangest, most irritating things they do on occasion is scoot. Itchy bums in dogs is a common occurrence and can come from a variety of problems. Allergies , worms, dog diarrhea , and matted fur are some of the causes, but one health problem in particular tends to be the major culprit for itchy rectums and scooting: anal sac issues. Your dog has two anal sacs located around its rectum.
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